pre-orthoPre-Orthodontic Observation Appointments

Your child will qualify for our Pre-Orthodontic Observation Program if your child is not yet ready for orthodontic treatment. We feel very strongly about the necessity of following dental development and have found quite often, if orthodontic treatment is started at the appropriate time, treatment costs and the length of treatment can be reduced.

Dr. Snider will re-examine your child's mouth on a periodic basis and explain his recommendations along with the future possibilities in treatment. These visits are a courtesy to our patients and are done at no charge. Any necessary photos or X-rays needed in our office or future check-up visits are also done as a courtesy service to you.

We are one of the few orthodontic practices in this area who handle Pre-Orthodontic Observation at this comprehensive level.

We continue to observe at periodic intervals to make sure baby teeth are falling out when they should, the permanent teeth have the available room to grow in and that any bite-related problems are not worsening. We want to stay ahead of any developing dental problems and watch growth so we can intercept any dental or jaw growth problems before they become too complicated. In addition, we would like to be able to communicate with your general dentist about your child's future dental needs.

At the point when Dr. Snider sees the orthodontic concerns are significant enough to start treatment, an exam will be scheduled to determine a treatment plan and review the details with you.

Pre-Orthodontic Observation Program Benefits

  • Enables us to monitor a child's development with periodic check-ups at no charge.
  • Intercepts any skeletal and dental abnormalities at an early age with limited measures to guide facial growth, tooth eruptions and tooth positions.
  • Minimizes more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.
  • Achieves results that are unattainable once the face and jaws have finished growing.
  • Enables us to support the patient's general dental care with a team approach.

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