Immediate Care

We reserve a limited amount of time each day so that patients in discomfort may be scheduled quickly. If you have a situation requiring immediate attention, please call us as early in the day as possible. Should you have an immediate situation after hours or on weekends/holidays, we can be reached by calling our office number, and you will be transferred to the cell phone of one of our clinical assistants who will assist you. If you reach a voicemail, please leave a detailed message with your name and contact information. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

RPE Instructions

  • Have the child lie on his or her back with the head at the edge of a bed or over the arm of a sofa. Use adequate lighting from a bright lamp or flashlight.
  • Opening as wide as possible minimizes the child's gag reflex.
  • Place the key in the center hole, and turn in the direction of the arrows that are on the expander.
  • Turn the expander back until you can see the next hole.
  • Carefully remove the key in a down-and-back direction. Caution: Be careful not to "un-turn" the expander when removing the key. Be sure to follow Dr. Snider's instructions as to how often to turn the expander. Try to turn the appliance at the same time each day.


Something to Smile About